Jessy and Trevor’s Love Story

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week one love story

“In October 2007, the Overland Park, KS fire department came to the school where I was teaching Kindergarten to talk to the kids about fire safety and do a tour of the fire trucks. They had teachers put on the firemen’s gear during the talk and I got to do it with my class. The guy who was leading the talk, Trevor, kept teasing me about the colorful, crazy socks I was wearing and was pretty chatty in general with me. My students had a great time learning about fire safety and when the field trip was over, we wrote all of the firefighters thank you notes.

“Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, a Kindergarten teacher’s desk is often cluttered and those notes got lost before I could get them to the station. Fast forward to February 12, 2008 when I found those thank you notes and decided to run them by the fire station. I rang the doorbell, dropped them off with the guy who came to the door, said thank you and started to walk back to my car. I was about to open my car door when I hear ‘Miss Johnson!’ I turn around and there is Trevor. He said ‘Are you not going to come in and say hi to all of us?’ I don’t really remember what my answer was because I was caught off guard, but then he said that he’d asked the guys why they didn’t invite me in, as well. I laughed and we did the small talk (how are you, what’s new, etc.) and he said that when he and the guys drove my school the other day, they were wondering if I needed some new socks and if it would embarrass me if they brought some by. I said that it wouldn’t and that I love fun socks!

“On Valentine’s Day, I was at lunch when my principal told me I needed to come to the office. I walked out of the lounge to the office and there on the counter was a rose bowl filled with candy on the bottom and flowers on the top. And, propped against the card holder was a pair of pink and white striped socks! His card was in the holder with ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Miss Johnson! -Trevor’ written on the back with his cell number. I called him back to say thank you, left a message (because it turns out he was at work and on a call) and went back to class.  He called that night and we chatted for a while and he asked me to dinner. We went out to dinner two days later.

“He proposed Christmas Day 2010, we were married December 3, 2011 and I wore those pink and white striped socks during the garter toss. 🙂 We are expecting our first baby in May.”

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