Jaime & Ben’s Love Story

This is the second Love Story in our contest! Vote for these two lovebirds by liking ThePinkStore.com on Facebook and commenting on the couple’s photo on the Timeline. In order for votes to count, the voter must like ThePinkStore.com’s page and comment on the photo. Only one vote per person. The comment must be made during the couple’s featured week. Read Jaime & Ben’s love story below!


“My name is Jaime and I’m 24, but my story began two years ago when a local magazine did a feature on local Twitter celebrities. I’m from Des Moines so ‘celebrity’ was a loose term. On the cover [of the magazine] was a man in a bubble bath with a rubber ducky and the second I saw the picture I knew there was something different about him.

“Luck or karma was very much in my favor because two days later I was cocktailing at the bar I work at when the magazine sponsored a Tweet-Up. Everyone who used Twitter was there and I’ll never forget seeing Ben bundled up in a monkey stocking cap. The thing that struck me though is that everyone gravitated towards him; he had this charm or spark that everyone noticed. I’d love to say that I was brave and talked to him that night…but I didn’t. I simply watched from afar wishing I could know him. That night I did start using Twitter though.

“Over the next six months, I Tweeted everything and anything. I followed him and all his friends just trying to get an in with this guy. I just needed him to talk to me. In March of 2011, I got my wish! We finally started talking and, against my logical judgment, met up at one am in the pouring rain at a truck stop/Denny’s. We sat for a couple hours talking about everything and I was fairly convinced he thought I was just a silly girl. We exchanged contact information and parted. I was moving to Kansas City in two weeks so we agreed to stay in touch. I suppose I gave up on the idea of Ben with the move; I needed a change in life so I left in search of something more.

“A couple weeks after moving I was feeling lost, doubting my decision of moving and everything else in my life when my phone beeped [with] a text message. Ben simply said, “How are you holding up?” Everything in my world changed; it was like he knew I was miserable and was there to make it better. We started talking daily and I agreed to a date during Memorial Day weekend, but when I came home after the weekend I was sure nothing would come of us because of the distance. That night Ben called and asked if he could come down to see me the following weekend. That next weekend we both agreed we couldn’t fight it anymore – we were meant to be together. Ben spent the rest on June and July driving to KC every weekend to see me and I decided in August to move back so we could really be together.

“On November 4, 2012, Ben asked me to marry him, [to] which I obviously agreed! To add to the story, on Thanksgiving we found out that we are expecting our first child. Our relationship has so many ups and downs, but at the end of the day we’re together on probably the greatest adventure of our lives. We tie the knot on April 27, 2013, and will be welcoming a little one in July. It took a lot to get us to where we are but neither of us would change a thing. You just know when it’s meant to be forever.”

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