An Ode to Scarves

IMG_0325What is it that is so lovely about scarves? They’re just such an easy way to spice up an outfit. Loop ‘em, swoop ‘em or tie them in a knot, they look fabulous any way!

One of the many things I love about scarves is that they’re not just for winter anymore. In the summer, I love throwing a flowy, bright scarf like our You’ve Got Spunk scarf over a tee and wearing it with shorts and sandals. It’s such a fresh and summery look.

Alas, it is winter here, but luckily for me scarves are always in vogue no matter the season. I often tie my A Little Midnight Sparkle scarf around my neck with my winter pea coat and feel absolutely fabulous. The thicker fabric makes it perfect for those days that have a sharp chill in the air. It’s a bonus when the scarf matches both my coat and my ensemble!

Another thing I love about scarves is that they go with everything. Shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, suits, pajamas (wait, did I go too far?)…everything! They’re simply timeless.

Here’s a fun scarf fact for those of you who enjoy trivia: Did you know that scarves have been around since 1350 B.C. when Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti wore a “finely woven scarf topped by a conical headdress”? To think that an accessory that was worn by ancient royalty is still being made and worn today is fascinating! Maybe the next time you drape your scarf around your neck you’ll feel a little bit more regal. has so many different scarves to offer; make a point to check them out! We’ve also recently added loads of new scarf patterns that you’ll fall in love with! Don’t miss out on this ancient-yet-modern accessory!

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