Athletics & Awareness

Just imagine it: The crowd is wild with excitement. Red numbers on the scoreboard are ticking down the seconds. You can hear the loud squeaking of tennis shoes and the hallow bouncing of an orange ball on the wood floor. Oh, and everyone in the stands and on the floor is wearing pink.

For the past couple of years, even the big, tough men of athletics have been designating a game for Breast Cancer Awareness. The players often don pink accented jerseys and pink sneakers while encouraging the fans to wear pink as well.

Seeing this wave of support warms my heart because I am a pink lover, and even more so because I am a woman. To see men proudly supporting a cause that affects women is so moving. Almost every sport, both men’s and women’s, has taken on the challenge to support this cause, among with other causes. Athletics isn’t just about the score at the end of the game anymore.

Tomorrow in Omaha, NE, the Creighton basketball team will be having their annual Pink Out. After the game, the jerseys are auctioned off with the proceeds going to breast cancer research.  Of course, these awareness games are most common during the month of October, but this is not a cause that can be squeezed into thirty-one days and should be present all year long.

At, we fully support fighting this disease and we encourage you to show your support in any way possible. Visit our Breast Cancer Awareness products at the or learn more about breast cancer at

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