Amanda & Jeff’s Love Story

This is the third Love Story in our contest! Vote for these two lovebirds by liking on Facebook and commenting on the couple’s photo on the Timeline. In order for votes to count, the voter must like’s page and comment on the photo. Only one vote per person. The comment must be made during the couple’s featured week. Read Amanda & Jeff’s love story below!


We were in Virginia. [Jeff and I had] known each other for years as colleagues and simply never spent much time together. The spark ignited on a business trip and we were both intrigued. As our relationship developed, he had a business trip to Virginia and I had vacation time, so I tagged along for some R&R and a free, little vacation. That trip changed my life.

Having the freedom of really being able to focus on each other, we didn’t sleep all night. We spent it talking, learning about each other; we shared stories about our experiences and dove deep into each other’s expectations and dreams for the future.

That following morning, we ventured to an amusement park overlooking Virginia Beach.  We both remember exactly the moment when we fell in love. It was a moment for us like no other! There isn’t any question for either of us about when it happened. There was an endearing look in his eye and an expression on his face that I will never forget.

After 10 years of togetherness, as with any relationship, there are peaks and valleys. We’ve committed to each other that in those moments of sheer frustration and confusion about each other (and I know you know what I’m talking about). We take a time out to breathe and reconnect with each other. We have this one down to a science. It takes us less than 2 minutes of face-to-face, eye-to-eye contact, simply holding hands to reconnect to that moment and remember why we are where we are. Now with three beautiful children, successful careers and playing out the dreams we discussed so many years ago, I fall in love with this man over and over and over again.

An interesting note: We took this trip to Virginia because of the convenience of his work trip (his flight and hotel were paid for), so let me be clear we didn’t choose the location as our destination, really. It wasn’t until we were walking to our rental car from the beach that afternoon that we saw a car with a bumper sticker that read: “Virginia is for Lovers” with a heart in the lovers’ O instead of the O.

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