Eternal Flame

Have you seen our new candles yet? They have a sleek new design and to-die-for scents! The Cranberry Citrus candle is tangy and sweet and fills the room with a delicious smell! And who doesn’t love Birthday Cake? This sugary sweet candle has all the enjoyment of a cake with none of the calories!

I love burning candles all the time. When I am working, studying, reading or watching television it’s nice to have them filling the room with a yummy scent. They are a super easy way to set a romantic or cozy mood.

Of course, they are great for when you do something like burn broccoli on the stove and your kitchen now smells like, well, burnt broccoli. It’s so easy to just light a match and all of a sudden everyone has forgotten about your cooking blunder and will be asking you where you purchased your delicious candle!

Stop by and put one of our new candles in your shopping cart! You’ll absolutely love these candles! Oh, and did I mention that they’re pink?IMG_0053

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