Jenna & David’s Love Story

This is the fourth Love Story in our contest! Vote for these two lovebirds by liking on Facebook and commenting on the couple’s photo on the Timeline. In order for votes to count, the voter must like’s page and comment on the photo. Only one vote per person. The comment must be made during the couple’s featured week. Read Jenna & David’s love story below!


“The hubs and I have been together for thirteen years (which is totally crazy to me!) and married for ten. We met while working at a department store in New Jersey. My husband worked in the toy department and I was a seasonal gift wrapping elf.

“My boyfriend had been talking about this guy and was always telling me how funny and smart he was…or how he was so good looking all the girls were always fighting over him.

“For reasons totally beyond me, the boyfriend introduced me to this hot, funny, smart, romantic guy and I was in love. I dumped the boyfriend and snagged the best goods in the department store. We were married two and a half years later and while it hasn’t always been glitter and rainbows, I have never had to use my receipt and return him to the store!”

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