Tammy & Chad’s Love Story

This is our last story in the Love Story in our contest! Vote for these two lovebirds by liking ThePinkStore.com on Facebook and commenting on the couple’s photo on the Timeline. In order for votes to count, the voter must like ThePinkStore.com’s page and comment on the photo. Only one vote per person. The comment must be made during the couple’s featured week. Thank you to everyone who has made this contest a success! Be sure to look at our Facebook page on Monday, February 25 to see who the winners are! Read Tammy and Chad’s love story below!


“Once upon a time, there was a handsome Prince, named Chad. He swept this princess, [Tammy], right off her feet, but not without some work, because this Princess, deserves the best, as all Princess’ do.

“Chad came to Joplin, Missouri, where I lived, to do a third year medical rotation. He spotted me at the hospital, quickly approached me, and began to flirt, which e

ventually came to asking me out on a date. This is where he had to do the work. I replied with a simple, ‘No.’ He asked me, ‘Why?’ I responded back with, ‘I don’t date doctors.’ He informed that he was not a doctor yet, and technically he correct.

“As the week went on, I continued to notice his great personality, handsome smile, and sexy body (if I can say so). He left me poems on the chalkboard in the classroom where I taught, showered me with compliments and left roses on my vehicle. I eventually caved and went out on that date.

“It was the best decision I have ever made. We just celebrated our ten-year anniversary, and have three beautiful children. I, Princess Tammy, am so happy and lucky in love. God has truly blessed my life and shown me he will always take care of me…by sending me the Perfect Prince.”

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