The Prettiest Girl in the Easter Parade

Photo by LL Photography

Spring is a time of renewal, birth and cleanliness. Oh, and cute new clothes. I remember the giddy feeling of getting a new, pristine dress each year for Easter. My mom would take me to the department store and we would spend an afternoon full of girly fun.

I would try on dresses and matching shoes while looking at handbags too small to fit anything more than a Chapstick and a few Polly Pockets. Then we would eat a fancy lunch and on the way home she would tell me to hide the receipts from my dad and not reveal what the total had been at the cash register.

With Easter quickly approaching, girls everywhere are itching to get a new dress for the Sunday morning church service. It’s the fashion event of the season! And while Easter bonnets have gone out of style, cute spring dresses have not. If you’re looking for that special dress, or just a new dress to spice up your daughter’s wardrobe, check out our dresses from Markoos Modern Design.

Made and designed in Omaha, Nebraska, these dresses are so cute that I’m jealous they don’t come in my size! They will be worn throughout the summer without a doubt. Be sure to stop by  and order your new dress today!

3 thoughts on “The Prettiest Girl in the Easter Parade

  1. Hats are never out of style! 😉 It is even still fun to wear white gloves and use a handkerchief in your purse. I do.

  2. Hi,i am in my early 30’s and was raised as a girly girl.I have a brother who is 2 years younger than me.Mom started dressing me in pink easter outfits when i was 4 and it became a tradition since then.She always bought me a new dress and bonnet,lace socks and mary janes every easter.after i was potty trained at age three,she kept a few pairs of my potty trainging rubber pants and would put a pair of them on me under my easter dress for the day,and they made me feel even more i got older,she got me gloves to wear with the dresses ans also did little pink bows in my hair under my bonnet.when i was 8,she found the rubber pants in pastel colors and and youth sizes and got me two new pair to last for a couple of years.As i got to my preteen years,mom did away with the ruffled socks and got me white tights to wear with my pink dress.she thought it was so cute seeing the pink rubber pants showing thru my white tights.when i was 15 was the last time i wore the pink outfit for easter as i got a rash from the rubber pants that day and i was the only girl in an easter bonnet at church.

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