Longing to go Singing in the Rain…

Kari Kolts Photography
Kari Kolts Photography

Ever since I saw Gene Kelly swinging around a light pole in Singing in the Rain, I’ve had an urge to dance in a rainstorm. To jump, twirl, kick my rain boots together and spin my umbrella round and round. Unfortunately, even though spring is rumored to be just around the corner, a fresh blanket of snow has been spread across the midwest.

This weekend it did in fact rain, but it quickly turned to ice and then to eight inches of snow. So it was not the kind of movie-magic rain that made me want to frolic outside. When will Mother Nature stop shaking this snow globe of a world and creating new snow storms?

I have a pair of cute, floral rain boots that are collecting dust in my closet from neglect and a boat load of new sundresses with which they would look adorable. While it’s still chilly out, I love pairing wellies with tights and an adorable frock. When the weather starts cooperating, I will be excited to carry the quintessential spring accessory: an umbrella.

What springtime fashion item are you dying to finally use? Cute new sandals? A favorite flirty skirt? Leave a comment below!

One thought on “Longing to go Singing in the Rain…

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