St. Patrick’s Day Switch-Up

Courtesy of Meghan Murdock
Courtesy of Meghan Murdock

Top o’ the morning to ye! Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and this is one of my all-time favorite holidays. It’s funny how different this day is when you are a child versus when you are an adult. Most holidays are the same for everyone. Valentine’s Day? All about love. Thanksgiving? Who can eat the most turkey. But St. Paddy’s Day is a holiday that takes a whole different form as you grow up.

As a kid I would start my day by choosing a green outfit and hoping my classmates would forget to wear green. Free pinches! Then for breakfast it was green milk and cereal. Let me tell you that anytime regular food changes color, I’m game.

Throughout the day I would learn about Ireland, Saint Patrick and leprechauns in school. (Did you know that leprechauns are rumored to be shoe makers for fairies?) Then I’d come back home for more green milk (Mom and Dad would partake in a green foamy beverage that came out of a bottle…how mysterious!) and corned beef for dinner. Yum! This holiday was innocent, childlike and fun.

Then I turned 21. That green foamy liquid? Beer! And now St. Patrick’s Day has become a day for my friends and I to get together, wear obnoxiously green outfits and dance around to Irish music.

Now that I think about it, St. Paddy’s Day had more components when I was a child. But who says we can’t enjoy both sides of this holiday? If we’re adults of course! This Sunday I will start my day off with Lucky Charms cereal and green milk. Then I’ll enjoy corned beef and cabbage for dinner with a green beer. And of course I will enjoy some green cookies and milk for dessert! Best of both worlds!

What are your St. Paddy’s Day traditions? Leave a comment below! I hope no matter your age, you enjoy a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day.

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