My name is Meghan and I’m a Shopaholic

It’s borderline serious. Are there therapists specializing in shopaholism? Maybe some group meetings and support will help me overcome this wallet-emptying disease.

My shopaholism is definitely worst in the springtime. This is a time when I’m getting over the winter blues and am desperate for something new and fresh. Plus, you can’t go two feet without seeing bright colors and cute dresses and it makes me want to try on every single thing I see. Don’t even get me started on the excitement of walking through the shoe department…

Even shopping online is bad! When all the stores are closed, or I’m just not feeling up for going out, I have a slew of stores to choose from! Just a few clicks of the keyboard, and in a week I’ll receive my goodies in the mail!

But, there is nothing quite like the thrill of pulling my glossy credit card out of my wallet and swiping it through the machine. Once my purchases are officially mine, I have this bubble of happiness in my chest that stays with me all day.

Is there anything more exciting than wearing a new outfit for the first time? It puts an extra spring in my step and my hips swing just a tad more. I feel like a runway model while walking down the streets of the Old Market.

With the new season and warming weather, I’ll allow myself a few shopping days to fill my closet. But if it gets too out of hand I’ll just put my credit card in a block of ice and calmly walk away. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “My name is Meghan and I’m a Shopaholic

  1. Well, we all like to spend some money on new clothes, jewellery etc… it’s not exactly a crime, so don’t be too hard on you. But the times we slip away should not be too many, I agree.

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