Bracket Fever

Courtesy of Author
Courtesy of Author

Last night I filled out my NCAA bracket for a little contest within my family. I’m not super into NCAA basketball, but I never back down from a challenge, and that five dollars that is on the line is a pretty big prize!

I spent about thirty minutes looking at rankings and meticulously choosing my picks. So much thought went into my bracket. Normally I choose by who has the cutest mascot, but this year I really wanted to think strategically.

I’m confident that I will have a good, solid bracket, but is it the winner? Hard to say. No one can predict upsets or what will happen in this tournament. Athletes get injured, players have bad days, and one person can change the course of a game.

That’s the fun, isn’t it though? The mystery, the unknown, the excitement. Also, I enjoy watching games more when I have someone to root for. Now, I know exactly who I am cheering on for NCAA basketball in the next couple of weeks. Go Cardinals!

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