Pasta Amore!

Courtesy of Author
Courtesy of Author

Last week I wrote about how much I love spending time in the kitchen. Well, the other day my mom and I went on a kitchen adventure, entering cooking territory neither of us had explored (except for that one time in Girl Scouts, but that was with the help of professionals and real Italian chefs). My mom and I made pasta.

Yes, that’s right. We made pasta.

For Christmas my mom received a pasta maker attachment for her KitchenAid mixer and we finally carved time out of our busy schedules to use it. We used the recipe that came with the pasta maker and decided to make fettuccine. Well, we intended to make spaghetti, but after I put on the wrong attachment by mistake we, like all modern women, switched our plans.

It’s interesting how much work goes into making pasta. First you make the dough, kneading it in the mixer and then with your hands. After it is kneaded, you cut the dough into separate pieces and use the pasta attachment to roll out the dough. You do this over and over and over again. Some of these pieces reached over two feet long!

Once the dough is rolled out thinly and evenly, you switch attachments and cut the pasta. You feed the long ribbons of dough into the cutter and it comes out in a perfect and beautiful curtain of fettuccine. (Tip: Don’t dump it in a pile like we did, otherwise it clumps while cooking. Next time we will lay the pasta out in straight rows to dry.)

My mom and I had so much fun spending time together in the kitchen. As much as I love cooking, I enjoy it even more when I am with someone I love and together we are laughing, joking and trying our hand at some (truly awful) Italian accents.

After spending quite a bit more time than anticipated on this project, the result was extremely successful. The homemade pasta was delicious and I cannot wait to experiment with other recipes and spend some more quality time with my mom.

2 thoughts on “Pasta Amore!

  1. It’s great seeing a mom and daughter voluntarily bonding while cooking. I love cooking with my little girl, and she’s only three. I hope we’re able to continue doing that together for many years to come. I’m glad y’all enjoyed your time together! 🙂

  2. Pasta making is one of those things I’ve thought about trying. It’s nice to see a Kitchen Aid attachment working. I’d wondered about that. What a great project to do together. Nice photos.

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