Interpreting the Color Wheel

Every color in the color wheel has a unique feeling and meaning behind it. Each one has a place in the world and there’s a time when some colors may be more predominant in society than others. For instance, in the 1970s, orange and yellow were often used in home decor. Today we see more neutrals with “pops” of color. Everyone knows the color black is a classic choice for many occasions and the color red is very eye-catching. Green is considered a calming color and blue means loyal. And then there’s the color pink. It has never gone out of style and will always be a dominant choice for numerous events or social groups such as the birth of a baby girl, a bachelorette party, breast cancer awareness organizations, birthday parties, and the general use as it pertains to a simple statement in clothing. Pink is the most popular nail polish choice as it shows femininity and pink lip gloss can be subtle yet gorgeous on every girl! So on this day, as we celebrate this beautiful color, have a very happy National Pink Day!


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