What is Thepinkstore.com?

We’ve recently been under fire because of our trademark battle with Victoria’s Secret so we decided it was time to let everyone know how we’re different from them and why we love the color pink. Our mission is to help women, girls and even men feel beautiful, feminine, strong and happy.

The color pink is a calming color yet can be a fun, fancy color. It stands for strength when associated with breast cancer awareness and it projects fun when incorporated into a little girl’s birthday party. Pink is used to decorate weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, homes, offices, wardrobes, and everything in between.

This company was founded on the premise that pink means femininity. When someone loves the color pink and receives or purchases a pink item, smiles happen and that little girl inside of us squeals with delight at even the smallest thing. Our mission is not to plaster the word ‘pink’ on everything but rather to offer products in multiple shades of pink which gives our customers his or her own pink identity.

Embrace femininity, be happy, strive for strength and let your passion for pink show through you.


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