If you’re a girl, life usually begins in pink…

How true is this statement? Have you ever walked into the newborn section of a hospital and looked at all the babies through a window? You will generally see this…

IMG_8222.JPG Notice the pink and blue? To some it’s a gender issue but to us, it’s a clear way to express the beginning of life through a feminine color for girls. There’s nothing wrong with other colors, but the color pink just carries with it a very clear statement in the way of individualistic personality that stretches world-wide reaching baby girls of every nation. To all who embrace this beautiful fortune of femininity, style and grace are abundant. It’s the epitome of elegance and charm giving way to express oneself in a soft, quiet manner or a vibrant, sassy air. No way is wrong. Both are striking. To sum up, the color pink is simply this…perfect.

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