Pink It Forward

Pink It Forward-2

Being an online store and catering to pink lovers, we have been searching for a clever way to give back in regards to breast cancer awareness. During this season of giving, it seems appropriate to let you know what we’ve come up with! It’s our favorite thing to make others happy with our favorite color and we are excited to announce our Pink It Forward campaign which will begin in January 2015!

There are so many families dealing with breast cancer. We felt if we could adopt even one family and make one woman’s life a little bit easier, a little bit happier when so many things around her are difficult and dark, we would accomplish something much bigger than a simple donation to a cause. We would be blessing an entire family. There’s definitely nothing wrong with donating to the nonprofits who help to find a cure for breast cancer or who promote awareness. We just prefer to take a more personal approach.

Everyone knows someone who has dealt with this awful disease or knows someone who is going through it or has recently been diagnosed. Giving you the opportunity to nominate the person or family who will benefit makes it a team effort. We will begin asking for and accepting nominations in January 2015. The process will take a couple months as we collect them and then choose a family locally. It’s our hope to be able to do this on a national level as well but for now we are going to focus on our local community in Omaha, Nebraska. We are working already to bring together businesses who are willing to help us package together donations for the family and especially for the woman who is undergoing treatment. will be spearheading this “Pink It Forward” campaign and we can hardly wait to find out who we get to bless!

As our company grows, it’s so much more rewarding to give! And our love of the color pink is even stronger when we get to share it with others, especially when it involves a joint venture by many to make someone’s life a little bit brighter. We hope you will join with us in this quest to accomplish our mission and Pink It Forward in 2015!

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