The “Look” of Pink

Leg Warmers
Miss Mollies Charcoal Leg Warmers with Lace by Grace & Lace
Boot Cuffs
Cable Knit Boot Cuffs Off White by Grace & Lace
Stretch Lace Boot Cuffs
Stretch Lace Boot Cuffs in Pink by Grace & Lace
Jersey Tie Boot Cuffs in Off White

Sometimes, even if the color isn’t a shade of pink, the item itself lends a feeling of happiness. That’s exactly our impression regarding those non-pink, hand-picked items we choose for our online store, Our most popular items right now are the boot cuffs by Grace & Lace. We have fallen in love with this company and find their mission to be in line with ours. Being a girl doesn’t always have to include ruffles and lace but we sure do fancy those things as absolute femininity! For our store specifically, we choose pieces or novelties that either have pink in them or go with pink. For instance, a pair of off-white cable knit boot cuffs obviously aren’t pink but they’d be adorable with boots, jeans and a pink sweater! And one of the things that we love to refer to is that even a touch of pink is sometimes all you need. A little bracelet, ring or scarf with a bit of pink can truly brighten your day and add to your look of femininity. We are continuously finding new and unique items to add to our store so you can find just the right thing that fits your personality. Whether your going for the look of charming or carefree, we have something for everyone. And when it comes to leg warmers and boot cuffs, we have lucked out by finding the perfect companion to fit our image. So if you’re in the mood to stay cozy at home we suggest the leg warmers and love the look of them over leggings! If you’re dressing for a day out and about, the boot cuffs will be a fun little accessory to complete your outfit! Your boots will love you! Thank you once again for following our blog, learning about our company and creating a bit of harmony with the color pink in your life.

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