Pink is…

The color that affect us in so many unique ways. Pink symbolizes…

  • Love: Unconditionally loving those around us, showing affection for our family and friends, and giving all we have to love them no matter what life brings.
  • Nurturing: Encouraging others to live their best life by caring for their well-being and supporting them through everything.
  • Passion: A drive to do all things, as difficult as they may become. Never giving up on any dreams because of the desire to have the best.
  • Femininity: Being girly, glitzy, and glamorous! Showing the world that you are resilient.
  • Sensitivity: Having a warm outlook and thoughtfulness while being sensitive to our surroundings and emotions.
  • Innocence: Having a young girlish aura and knowing when to leave behind your adult responsibilities to be sweet and have some fun.
  • Hope: Being optimistic and having the courage to get through any battle.

Source: “The Color Pink.” Empowered By Color., 2016. Web. 08 Feb. 2016.

While the color pink symbolizes all of these things and so much more,, brings each of these things to life. We have a passion to find the right products for our customers, while also staying true to many of our great causes, including breast cancer, human trafficking, and women empowerment. We want our customers to shop for the things they love and have always hoped for. We encourage all of you to shop our store, enjoy our blogs, and help us fulfill our mission to celebrate the color pink!



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