National Volunteer Week!

Need ideas for National Volunteer Week? Well I have the ones for you!

We love showing our support for breast cancer awareness, so what better way to take a day off and get involved. Stop by your local Susan G. Komen’s and see if they have any volunteer opportunities that you can take part in. They may direct you to several nonprofits that cherish having volunteers for their organization. Take a look at our Philanthro(Pink) PartnerSusan G. Komen’s Nebraska!

A second volunteer opportunity at your fingertips is for Rejuvenating Women, another one of our excellent Philanthro(Pink) partners. This organization aims to empower women and break down the barriers of shame and guilt behind human trafficking. Be sure to look at all of the amazing volunteer possibilities on their website.

However busy your week may be, take a day off and focus on volunteering. Whether it’s for your local animal shelter or a Susan G. Komen’s, it will all be worth it in the end! Let us know how you spent your National Volunteer Week by tweeting us


Abigail & The Pink Store Team


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