Sending Thanks To…The Just, Girl Project

Meet our new Philanthro(Pink) Partner, The Just, Girl Project! Ilana Harkavy, has had her fair share of struggles as a young female. In 2015, she felt the need to express her love for all women struggling with the same issues by creating the The Just, Girl Project. With an empowering message, this project has a mission to spread positivity for girls and to help them be the most honest version of themselves.

Ilana thought one of the best ways to spread this positivity message was through her music. With an amazing voice and a unique outlook on life, Ilana is trying to take the world by storm!

At, we love everything this inspirational young woman has accomplished. We know that you will love our new partner just as much as we do! To take a peak and listen to some meaningful, motivational music, visit the The Just, Girl Project website. And don’t forget to show your support for this powerful project! When shopping at our store, please remember to choose one of our partners, like The Just, Girl Project, to give back at checkout!

A BIG thanks to The Just, Girl Project & all of our Philanthro(Pink) Partners!


Abigail & The Pink Store Team

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