Our Philanthro(pink) Partners!

Learn a little bit about our Philanthro(pink) Partners!

Fit Girl

Fit Girl has a mission to help young girls be empowered to embrace there uniqueness by giving them tools to be confident through the tough stages of teenage life.

HEALing Embrace

Healing Embrace, is a nonprofit organization that helps families dealing with pregnancy and infant loss.

The Just, Girl Project

With an empowering message, this project has a mission to spread positivity for girls and to help them be the most honest version of themselves.

Susan G. Komen Nebraska

Susan G. Komen Nebraska raises awareness, funds, and support for all of those who are suffering from breast cancer. They center on empowering women and ensuring quality care for all.

Smart Girl Society

Smart Girl Society, is a program that inspires women to make the right choices in life, within their education, and throughout their faith-filled and family lives.

Wear Yellow Nebraska

Wear Yellow Nebraska has a passionate mission to celebrate life and fight cancer one ride at a time. By creating a local “Wear Yellow Ride” across Omaha, they are hoping to create recognition for all of those suffering from cancer.

Bright Pink

This nonprofit organization has a mission to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to be proactive at a young age.

Rejuvenating Women

Rejuvenating Women has a mission to provide hope and restoration for victims of human trafficking.

Want to become one of our Philanthro(pink) Partners? Let us know, we’d love to be your partner!


Abigail & The Pink Store Team

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