12 Days & 12 Meanings

Day 1– Make this first day filled with the courage to break out of your comfort zone and do something special for your loved ones.

Day 2– Start building a relationship with someone who can inspire you to reach your goals.

Day 3– Encourage those to never give up.

Day 4– Spread hope to those who are having a difficult time.

Day 5– Give back to a person or charity who has helped you when you needed them.

Day 6– Make new memories with your family and friends.

Day 7– Smile at every person you see.

Day 8– Motivate yourself to create or accomplish something new.

Day 9– Overcome a challenge that has been in your way.

Day 10– Become the best role model you can be.

Day 11– Give thanks to those who helped you reach new heights.

Day 12– Strive to be a more successful person.

Join us and let’s make these next 12 days filled with meanings of hope, inspiration, courage, and more!


Abigail & The Pink Store Team

12 Days-12 Meanings.jpg

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